Our Top 12 Food Choices For Nutrisystem

written by: Conrad K.

Nutrisystem is a great diet plan for those who want to lose weight. This time however we won't be going into too much details about what is Nutrisystem or how it works but we're going to show you what we feel are the best choices for you to pick when you sign up! Here are the top 9 choices (3 for each meal!) with pictures and the description from Nutrisystem.


Double Chocolate Muffin
If you can't get enough chocolate or just love the idea of sweets in the morning, this may be the perfect breakfast for you! This rich muffin is filled with real chocolate chips, for bursts of intense, chocolatey flavor. Great right out of the package, this makes a perfect breakfast on-the-go.

Cinnamon Roll
Drum roll please...introducing a diet-friendly, ooey-gooey cinnamon roll! You'll never feel like you're missing out with a piping hot pastry swirled with cinnamon and topped with a thick cream cheese frosting—this breakfast treat fits right in to your diet plan. Go ahead; indulge without any of the guilt!

Granola Cereal
Love the wholesome taste of granola? This lowfat, high-energy breakfast option is a sweet treat that gets you going in the a.m. Add lowfat milk and fresh strawberries or raspberries and you're sure to be off to a great start.

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