Here’s One Doba Product With A $25 Profit Margin

written by: Conrad K.

682-dobaAre you looking to start your own business? Want to sell on Amazon? But don't know what products you want to sell? Before, you would have to do the research of tracking down importers and then having to make a deal with them (most importers require you to buy x-amount of products) and THEN find a place to store all the inventory you need to buy.

The smart entrepreneur nowadays know that there is a MUCH EASIER WAY to start a business and it's called dropshipping. What is dropshipping? Basically you work with a company that holds all the products and has a variety of different products. You just need to sell the product(s) and send them the information from the sale. They'll pack it for you and ship it to your customer. You don't have to carry any inventory and you don't have to pack any orders.


Normally only 14 days free trial but our exclusive link gives you 30 days free trial + no credit card required!

682-doba-productexampleBeing an online retailer myself, I know how difficult it is to start a business and if you start with dropshipping, it'll save you a lot of time and money. The good and bad news is that there are a few big drop ship companies out there. The best one in my opinion is Doba. They have a huge inventory of different products you can sell and the prices are low enough that you can make a profitable margin on each product you sell. What's great is that you can start off by selling electronics, then add in power tools and even pillows if you want without much work. You just need to get the products out there whether it's on your own website, Amazon, eBay or on social networks like Facebook.

682-dobatestimonialI didn’t have a large budget, so drop shipping for fulfillment appealed to me. I wanted a business where I could continue working as a state trooper, but also make sales. What I like to sell I can always find in the Doba catalog. The products are always there. - Eric N. Member since 2012


So it's 3 easy steps to get started:

1. Find a product in the Doba Catalog you want to sell. iPhone accessories? Power tools?
2. List and sell the product (this is the hardest part but my advice is Amazon and eBay first)
3. Send the sale information to Doba and that's it!

Now..the next question much does this cost? I'll get to that in a little bit but I just received an email from Doba letting me know that they're offering visitors to YourDailyModern a special deal. They've been offering a 14 day trial for awhile but it required a credit card when you sign up. Most people are interested in the trial but are hesitant about the credit card part so they've agreed to get rid of the credit card requirement and extend the 14 day trial to 30 days instead! Seriously a great deal because I only got 14 days when I joined and would've loved having that extra time to make more money.

682-dobatestimonial2I did a bunch of research online, spending nearly a month looking over several options available to me for drop shipping the items I sell instead of inventorying and shipping them myself. I was hooked after signing up for the free Doba trial membership. Right now I’m on a yearly subscription plan and I can’t say enough about it. - Travis S. Member since 2012

Now...what happens when the 30 day trial ends? Since there is no longer a credit card required, you won't be automatically charged for anything which is great. At that point, you can decide if you want to continue or end it. If you do want to continue, the pricing at that point is as follows:

Doba: $59.95/month
Doba Advanced: $69.95/month
Doba Pro: $89.95/month

The difference between these plans?

Doba: You get 1,000 product inventory access (this means you can access only 1,000 of their entire product listings)
Doba Advanced: You get 10,000 inventory access + Pre-Pay + Elite Seller Report
Doba Pro: You get 25,000 inventory access + Pre-Pay + Elite Seller Report

Which One To Pick? I would highly suggest going with at least the Doba Advanced. Why? You get 10x the amount of inventory you can choose from and also you get access to the Elite Seller Report. What is that? It's a report that shows you the TOP 30 SELLING ITEMS BY CATEGORY. Can't decide what to sell? Use that list to get started immediately.


682-dobatestimonial3I can choose the products I want to sell, add them to an inventory list and then list them for sale on various marketplaces, such as eBay and Amazon. This saves me a lot of time! I can’t imagine how much time it would take for me to check on inventory statuses, order statuses and get product images and descriptions from these suppliers independently. - Kelan K. Member since 2008

It's important to note that while people have success with Doba, there are always people who don't. It's good to know both sides of the story but it really comes down to two things. 1. find the right product and 2. selling it in the right marketplace.

So here's a REAL example of a product I found on Doba and then I looked up the price on Amazon to see that I can make $25.33 EACH TIME I sell this product.

So here's a screenshot on Doba for the Chefs Secret 28pc Cookware Set

Now here's a screenshot on Amazon for the Chefs Secret 28pc Cookware Set

My price on Doba is: $149.75
Selling Price on Amazon is: $175.08
Profit: $25.33 (minus amazon fees depending on your plan)

tip-iconHere's another piece of advice that can either make it or break it for you. While it's tempting to pick popular products to sell (think iphone products etc), you'll be facing a lot of competition which can make it hard to make a profit. Popular products do sell fast but your profit margins will be extremely low. Instead, focus on niche products that other people might not consider and you can make your money there. Would you rather sell 100 units of a product that makes $1 each time or maybe 5 products that can make $20? Same profit and less amount of work.

So hopefully this article was helpful in getting you started on owning your own business without all that upfront cost. If anything, try the 30 day free trial and see if there are any products that interest you. Since there's no credit card required, you have nothing to lose (except a few minutes of your time to sign up but what if those few minutes can turn into making money for you?). Also, the free trial gives you access to ALL their products so it's a good time to really see everything they have. Good luck!


Normally only 14 days free trial but our exclusive link gives you 30 days free trial + no credit card required!