5 Easy Habits To Make Your Brain Smarter

written by: Conrad K.

As people get older, the brain starts to lose some of it's spark it used to have when you were younger. There are many different ways to improve your brain and get it back up to speed. Some methods were really popular such as brain-training games and others have been tried and true methods that's been around for ages and actually just make sense. Here are 5 easy habits you can start today to make you smarter and more alert!

1. Physical Activity
A healthy body helps promote a healthy active brain. Studies have shown that exercise creates certain hormones that can help improve memory. Keeping active keeps your mind active. Even walking around the block, you take in the sights and smell of the neighborhood and you pay attention. You exercise your muscles and lungs and ofcourse your brain. Compare that to just sitting in front of the TV and just staring at it where you don't exercise much of anything.

2. Be Curious!
What happens when you're curious? You use your brain! Exercise the brain by being curious. Being curious makes you think and use parts of your brain that you're not used to. It's like exercising a part of a body that you haven't done in awhile. It can be a bit painful but keep at it and not only will you learn new things (there are always new things to learn) but you'll be more active and happy.

3. Friends & Family
Friends and family help improve your brain health. Being isolated can trigger psychological and cognitive decline. Hanging out with friends and family will evoke happiness and communication with them will improve your brain functions.

4. Meditation
Improving one's brain function doesn't require being active 24/7. Do you know that meditating can help brain function too? Meditation can decrease stress and play an important role in slowing the rate of age-related cognitive disorders. Remember that this doesn't mean you sit there and watch tv. That doesn't count.

5. Brain-Training Games
It can be fun to improve your brain functions. The past few years we've seen an increase in brain training games. These games range from solving puzzles to other types of problem solving where it makes it a game to improve your brain activity. Studies have shown that a few sessions of these games can improve an older person's reasoning ability and they're able to process information faster.

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We hope these tips help you out. There are many more out there that people have used and it's worked. If you have one that you'd recommend, leave a comment below and share!