Audrey Tried Nutrisystem & This Happened….

written by: Conrad K.

Before we get to the cool story about the weight loss program that Audrey tried, let's go over really quick what Nutrisystem is and how it can help you too.

In a nutshell Nutrisystem works and works really well. The biggest problem for people who want to lose weight is that sometimes they don't know what to eat. So they eat less but they get hungry and then end up eating more. Nutrisystem program sends you all the meals you'll need so you don't have to worry about what to eat and how much to eat. It's all taken care of for you.

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Now to the story about Audrey that you can also find on the Nutrisystem website. We'll focus on some of her quotes and explain more about them.


This article contains quotes from Audrey who is a real Nutrisystem customer and success story. Your results will vary.

"The way my husband looks at me now makes me feel so good!"

"With Nutrisystem, I get to eat all the time."
When did you ever hear that about a diet program before where you eat all the time? It's true with Nutrisystem because eating 6 times a day is the plan. 6 times?!'s 6 smaller meals a day to keep your body metabolism going and helping you lose weight.

"Now I run four miles like it's no big deal."
Nutrisystem isn't going to suddenly make you run like you've never run before. What it's going to do is make you feel better physically and mentally where you will be more confident about yourself which will translate into doing things you've never done before.

"It's great to have to go shopping for smaller clothes—not bigger ones."
Lose weight and then you're forced to buy smaller clothes? That's a win-win combination if I ever saw one. With Nutrisystem's plan, they make it as easy as possible for you to lose weight. There's nothing easier than having the food delivered to you and then having a diet plan telling you when and what to eat.

But before you begin, we're going to give you a quick recap on how Nutrisystem works so you'll be ready to sign up and get that $50 off coupon.

1. Pick Your Plan
You'll pick from a variety of plans that fit your lifestyle and schedule. Currently there are 3 plans that range from $9.82/day to $11.96/day at the time of this article.
2. Choose Your Menu
We recommend that you pick a custom menu because you'll be more willing to eat something that you picked. It's super easy and you get to pick from a large variety of different types of food.
3. Wait & Get Started!
Nutrisystem will process your order and send you EVERYTHING you need to start your weight loss plan.

Usually the next question people ask is how does the food taste like? Here's a quick example of the food you can expect from Nutrisystem. There are actual food choices that you can pick from.


So let's fast forward a little bit and you're in the middle of your Nutrisystem plan. By now you should be seeing some results and you've also learned that not only does Nutrisystem provide the food and diet plan, they're also very pro-active in keeping you on goal and making sure you continue to eat healthy after their food shipment ends.

One positive advantage that you may have forgotten is that all your meals (breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner) are all sent to you. So there's no wondering what I need to eat or can I eat that? or counting any calories. You just heat up the food and eat it. It's as simple as that. Losing weight is already difficult enough so with Nutrisystem, you have a clear advantage on getting to your goals.

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Good luck!