Drink Red Wine And Lose Weight!

written by: Conrad K.

Gourment & Drink

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It is well-known the fact that red wine is good for health. A glass of red wine can help you unwind after a hard day because it helps blood vessels and muscles relax. It can also warm you on a cold winter’s day. It is said to keep heart issues away. And now it appears that it will help us lose weight as well. But before running to the first supermarket to buy an impressive supply of red wine, read below first. You don’t have to replace water with red wine, just to get rid of some extra pounds.

Probably no one ever thinks about consuming alcohol when dieting. In fact, most diets are firm in banning any alcohol, because it usually has a lot of calories and will dehydrate the body. And liquids are indispensable when you are trying to wash away fat reserves. So how did wine ended up on the foods that help decrease the number of pounds? Like most of you, I enjoyed red wine for its taste and relaxing benefits, but not for one second did I think it could help me get rid of the fat on my belly. That is until I met a winemaker who told me how he knew people who lost weight by including wine in their daily lives. So just to make sure, this theory about wine helping you lose weight isn't something I came up with to justify more wine drinking but an actual wine maker said so too!

It appears that a glass of high-quality red wine, every evening, is more than welcomed for anyone dieting. So if you are in the mood of getting something to drink, but you are afraid that it will ruin all your dieting efforts, relax and reach for a glass of red wine. Of course, do not opt for the sweet varieties of red wine, since you may never know if it has added sugar. Dry wine types are preferable since their lack of sweetness confirms that nothing was added. Still, a sweet wine that is a bit more expensive should not have any sugar added, because that is a cheap method, to release a bottle of wine on the store shelves more rapidly. Personally, I prefer dry and half-dry wines, because they have the best grape flavor, plus other charming ones, that makes it more enjoyable.

Practically, the secret ingredient that will not only help you lose weight, but will also increase your physical endurance, plus other health benefits, can be found in the grape’s skin. It is called Resveratrol, and it is a substance that helps the skin of the grape heal, in case it is damaged. Thus, it was proven that this substance has fantastic effects on the human body as well. All right, you may think that you can get that by only eating grapes. Well, the grapes used for making red wine have a skin that is quite hard. You won’t be able to chew it very well, and if you ingest it, a large part of it will just come out on the other way. The best way to enjoy Resveratrol is by consuming red wine, because during the wine making process when the grapes are crushed, a lot of that substance is released into the wine. And when you know that Resveratrol is very soluble in alcohol, then you can be sure that a glass of wine is like a health pill, consumed now and then. If you enjoy a glass of wine at dinner, every other day, you should know that it won’t do you any harm.

Probably you are curious to see how Resveratrol is going to help the loss of weight. Here's how it works. The substance will help your muscles take more glucose out of your body. We know that glucose is needed by muscles to produce energy, when we are working out or doing any other kind of physical effort. Meaning that instead of depositing calories as fat, you will be burning them out more efficiently. Ever heard about the SIRT1 gene? Don’t worry, as I recently found out that is the gene that will keep obesity away, which is also activated by Resveratrol. Also, every weight losing diet means not only eating healthy but also doing physical exercises. Well, Resveratrol will help you have a better performance, increasing endurance and speed, meaning that you will start burning more calories that you used to, on a normal basis. The results of studies trying to find out just how efficient is Resveratrol in increasing physical performance are staggering. It was recorded a 21% higher performance that noticed at the beginning of the study, which is an incredible change.

So don’t avoid a glass of red wine now and then, when you serve dinner or got out with your friends. Not only that it will protect you from a lot of health issues, but it will be your ally in helping you lose some weight. Most people are discouraged by losing weight when it comes to working out. I know I am that way, always finding an excuse not to go work out. But red wine can really pump the blood through the veins, making you feel like you can do everything you want. It is definitely a great energy booster. Also, I must admit that I noticed some noticeable difference on the fat on my belly and hips. And since I just admitted I was a lazy person, imagine just how visible the results could have been if I was a bit more active. All of these by eating healthy, working out a little, and savoring a glass of wine now and then.