Here’s Why Your Tailbone Hurts During Pregnancy

written by: Conrad K.

pregnancy tailbone pain reliefPain in the tailbone can be a real pain in the behind. The tailbone is the structure at the end of the spine that is located between the lower back and upper buttocks area. Most people who suffer from tailbone pain do so because of an impact due to falling. This is not only painful, but quite annoying as it is present when sitting down.

However, there are some pregnant women who suffer from tailbone pain that ranges from dull to severe and will often feel like it has been bruised or worse. To understand how to properly treat the pain, it is important to know why it occurs in the first place.

How Tailbone Pain occurs in Pregnant Women
During the first stages of pregnancy, the combination of the hormones estrogen and relaxin cause the ligaments in the pelvic floor to relax which in turn causes the coccyx or tailbone to shift in position. This change in position is what often causes the pain to occur.

For some women the tailbone pain may become even worse for those who have the following pre-existing conditions:

- Herniated Disc in Lower Back
- Constipation
- Lower Back Injury
- Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD)
- Cancer in Pelvic Area

These are the symptoms that may occur during the first trimester. If you have a family history of pelvic cancer, then you may want additional tests performed.

Pain in Late Pregnancy
When the pregnancy reaches the second and third trimesters, the head of the baby may press against the tailbone which may cause considerable pain to occur. The pain usually varies in intensity based on the pressure applied to the tailbone as well as few other causes:

- Coughing or Sneezing
- Laying on a hard surface
- Intercourse
- Labor

The pain may also be triggered by a variety of activities including walking, driving, riding, running, doing squats, jumping and more.

How to Deal with the Pain
There are several methods available that you can use to find relief from tailbone pain when pregnant. You may want to speak to your doctor if the pain persists.

Sit Forward: If you lean forward while sitting, this pulls the pressure point away from the tailbone and more towards the thighs which may help you find some relief.

Coccyx Cushion: This is a cushion that is usually shaped like a donut or inflatable ring that takes the pressure off the tailbone when sitting. Purchasing a cushion like this may bring substantial relief. Click Here To Learn More

Exercise Ball: If you are forced to sit for extended periods of time, then you can try an exercise ball which may help with the pain.

You may also try a number of different exercises such as yoga positions, swimming, or walking although you want to exercise in moderation. You can also do the following:

- Wear cushy shoes
- Use the knees when bending down
- Avoid high heels
- Avoid standing or walking too much
- Use a maternity support belt

You can also try to change positions frequently so that the pain will not develop. Ice or heat pads can provide some type of relief and your doctor may prescribe certain medications that may also work. While there is no cure for tailbone pain, it will go away shortly after you give birth. See your doctor however if the pain persists.