Reverse Aging In One Easy Step!

written by: Conrad K.

Reverse again in one easy step? Botox? NOPE. This is more natural and less painful than Botox.

Ask anyone what makes cells age? Majority of people will just say cells age from time and as you get older. It's true...but did you also know that it's the lack of oxygen that gives signals to the cells that it's time for them to go? Dr. Sinclair (professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School) points out that cells need oxygen. Without oxygen, the mitochondria (or the engine that power your cells) become less efficient and thus eventually will start to cycle down and die off.

BUT it's not really the end as we know it. Dr. Sinclair and his colleagues discovered that giving cells a chemical called NAD+ made older cells younger (this was tested on mice ofcourse at first). Their studies showed that 2-year old mice tissues resembled those of a 6 month old mice.

So what makes NAD+ such an important aspect in keeping your cells young? Turns out that as you age, the level of NAD+ begins to drop by up to 50% and as it drops, the mitochondria (remember the engine that powers your cells and keeps them going) slows down and makes your cells vulnerable to aging symptoms. However with NAD+ it 'tricks' the cells into thinking that it's younger than ever and thus why people say "aging can be reversed".

Now taking NAD+ isn't going to give you long life but it can extend the time we have in a way. Dr Sinclair says "What makes reversing aging interesting is that it could buy more time than we are currently looking at."

But what about side effects? Everything usually has some kind of side effect. Because NAD+ is a natural compound that your body produces, by increasing the levels of NAD+ shouldn't cause any significant side effects if you were to compare a similar product that does the same thing but is not something your body naturally produces.

So your next question should do I increase my NAD+ in one easy step?We've looked around and found that Niagen is your best option to naturally increase your NAD+. It's a pill that you take ONCE a day in the morning.

It works with any other supplements that you might take (such as resveratrol, fish oil, glucosamine, etc) and it's safe to take together.

What makes you a good candidate for Niagen? If you're feeling fatigue, loss of physical energy and difficulty in the activities that you used to do, then give Niagen a try with a 90 day money back guaranteed. Click here to learn more about Niagen.

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