The Real Truths Behind Low Carb Diets

written by: Conrad K.

Carbohydrates are the prime source of energy your body uses to carry out the activities of the day. Proteins help build up muscle tissue and fat provides some energy as well, but it is the carbs that provide your body with the fuel. However, consuming too many carbohydrates, particularly the fast-burning type means that the excess will get stored as fat.

It is little wonder that so many low carb diets are being promoted these days. However, while most of the diets will start to shed the pounds in the first week or two, relatively few people manage to stay on them for very long.

Why Most Low Carb Diets Fail
The reason is a simple one, your body needs carbohydrates for the energy to perform during the day just like your car or truck needs fuel to get going. When you deprive your body of carbs, you are really starving yourself of much-needed energy. What generally happens to most people on a low carb diet is that by the second or third week the cravings for carbs get stronger and stronger until they give in.

A proper diet that lets you burn away the fat does not work when your body is starving for the energy it needs. In many cases, the metabolism actually slows down in order to preserve energy and more calories get stored as fat. This means that initially a person loses a few pounds and then hits a brick wall as the body craves more carbohydrates. Once a person goes off the low carb diet, they run into the danger of actually gaining back more weight because of the slowed metabolism and increase in stored fat.

However, not all diets that are centered on carbohydrates leads to this condition. In fact, there is a remarkable program called the half-day diet that strikes the right balance of consuming enough carbs to provide you with the right amount of energy while helping you to lose the excess fat. No more cravings and you’ll actually rev up your metabolism thanks to this remarkable diet program.

Why the Half-Day Carb Diet Works
This particular diet has enjoyed a great deal of success because it is not about cutting out carbohydrates as it is about eating them at the right time of the day. The way your body processes carbohydrates goes back many thousands of years to our ancestors who hunted for food and only ate at certain times of the day.
By mimicking their behavior in terms of when and what to eat, you can change your diet to get the results that you want without having to skimp on much needed carbohydrates. By choosing what types of carbohydrate foods to consume and when, you can start to lose the excess fat and change the way your body looks.

Don’t Eat Carbs in the Morning
This is arguably the most counter-intuitive part of the half-day carb diet as everyone has been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and the time that you load up on carbohydrates. However, this is also the time of the day when your body is burning the most fat. By adding a considerable amount of carbohydrates at this point, you are essentially shutting down your body’s ability to rid itself of the stored fat.
Instead, you are actually helping your body to store more fat and when the insulin levels in your body drops, you’ll get more cravings for carbohydrates which will add even more fat to the body. Instead, you need to focus on proteins, fats and fibers during this morning hours when your body is busy burning away all that fat. You’ll have the energy needed to start off your day and only after your body is past its magic time when burning away the fat will you need to add carbohydrates to the mix.

Avoid Whole Grains
While many people have been told to choose whole grains over the white carbs such as in breads, the truth is that whole grains contain lectins which are actually fat-forming elements which will actually put on the pounds if you eat them regularly. Instead, white carbohydrates like you find in rice is quickly absorbed by the body and then burned as fuel while whole grains actually trigger the fat storing mechanism because the insulin levels remain high as they are slowly being burned. The longer they stay, the more likely the whole grains become fat in the body.
However, you will have to eat the white rice and all carbs at the right time in order to get the biggest benefit and reduce the chances that they will be stored as fat.

Eat Carbs at Night
Another counter-intuitive piece of advice, but the truth is that eating your carbs for dinner is the best way to utilize their energy and not having them add up as fat on the body. In fact, eating your carbs for dinner and at night actually helps you to burn away the fat in a faster manner. There are many reasons for this, but essentially the carbs you consume the night before will help your body burn away the fat reserves in the morning.
You will need to follow the Half-Day diet that allows you to eat many of the foods that you like by simply restructuring your eating habits so that you load up on carbs for dinner and not for breakfast. While it goes against commonly accepted views on dieting, the truth is that for many thousands of years people foraged for the food the needed and then ate them at night when they returned to their homes. You would be emulating a natural process that will let you burn away the excess fat and in return keep you energized and not suffering from any cravings during the day.

No calorie counting and no starving yourself during the day. Instead, you get to eat many of the foods that you enjoy and simply put off the carbohydrates to the evening and night hours. In this manner you can finally lose the excess fat and put your body back on the natural track towards good health.

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