Top 5 Reason Why You Need A Vitamix

written by: Conrad K.

Now for mangoesYou've watched the news. Either online or on TV or heck..even your friends are telling you how this and that is not healthy for you, that you need to be healthier and should eat organic etc etc. So you probably started putting down that frappuccino and maybe gotten a healthy fruit drink instead? Great! Then you realize how expensive it is each time and what if there was a better and cheaper alternative? We'll go into details about why making your own is better AND cheaper later.

First things'll need a blender. Now your parents always say buy quality even if it's more expensive and in this case, it's totally true. Here's why you shouldn't skimp out on the most important machine you'll need.

I've tried $50 dollar blenders. Even $100 dollar blenders and NONE OF THEM blends as well as the Vitamix. It literally pulverizes (SERIOUS) anything you put in there and the results is a smooth drink with no chunks in it.

I told you how well it blends right? Turns out that the Vitamix blends so well that it releases all the good stuff from the vegetables, fruits and anything else you put in there. If you're going to take the time to do this, might as well make sure you get all the benefits from it right?

No hiding the fact that the Vitamix is an expensive machine when you compare to other blenders. Cheaper blenders can do the job but definitely not as well and most likely won't last as long. My Vitamix at the time of this article, is over 10 years old. That's unbelievable. Buy quality and in the long run you'll save more money.

No fancy settings with the Vitamix. You turn it on, and then turn it on some more. Cleaning is just as easy. I usually add a dab of dishwashing soap, add some water, and run it again. Rinse it out and done.

How am I saving money when I have to buy the Vitamix? Think about all the drinks you would've bought at your local smoothie shop. $8 dollars a drink? That adds up. Plus check out some Vitamix videos on Youtube and you'll see how easy it is. You'll start to appreciate buying quality fruits and vegetables and saving money.

Ready to learn more or give the Vitamix a try? Click here now to learn more (goes to official Vitamix website).

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