Want To Grow Your Own Wheatgrass?

written by: Pepper Lee

Borough Market WheatgrassWheatgrass is healthy for you but it's an acquired taste for some but the benefits are plentiful for those who can incorporate some wheat grass into their diet. But what exactly is wheatgrass? It's a super nutrient-rich type of grass. It's often sold as a dietary supplement. It can be sold in tablets or in most cases, in liquid form (juiced). For those who like smoothies or juices, it can be added to it but most people often take it by itself as a single shot.

1. It's FUN! - nothing like watching your sprouts grow all year long. No fancy equipment needed
2. INEXPENSIVE - cheaper than buying it at the store or your local juice bar. Save hundreds of dollars within the first year

Wheatgrass contains a variety of benefits that range from killing harmful bacteria, boosting your immunity, and ofcourse help your body get rid of waste. There are other health claims but because there are few research studies, it's hard to determine the validity of these benefits. But I'm sure everyone can vouch that it's better than eating snacks and drinking soda!

The main concern about wheatgrass is that because it's a grass...it's grown in the soil and that means there's always a chance of some contamination in the soil that can get onto the wheatgrass. If you're pregnant or even breast-feeding, it's not recommended that you use wheatgrass during this time or if you have any type of wheat allergies too (wheatgrass while a grass is part of the wheat family).

Wheatgrass can be expensive (a shot of wheatgrass can range from $1-2) so there's been a growing trend for people to grow their own. It's inexpensive and easy and best of all you know the condition that's it's being grown in so the risk of contamination is lower.

A new topic that came up is the difference between fresh juiced wheatgrass vs the powdered version you can buy in containers or capsules. Pros for the fresh juice is that wheatgrass is a living plant and has bio-nutrients that can't be stored in powdered form. But powdered wheatgrass is still better than no wheatgrass but we recommend it as an option for those who can't get ahold of live wheatgrass juice easily.

Growing Tips 101:
1. Seeds Matter! Buy from sources that have a good stock which will result in better germination rates and better wheatgrass taste.
2. Juicer Matters! A quality juicer will extract the most liquid out of the wheatgrass. Wheatgrass isn't a very juicy thing to extract (like a cucumber) so you want a machine that'll squeeze every last drop out.

You can find the best wheatgrass kit to start your own below!

If you get the Wheatgrass kit above, you'll looking at about 50 cents per ounce just from the cost of the wheatgrass itself. Doesn't sound like much but compare it to a local juice bar which usually goes at $2.75/ounce. Huge savings right there and healthy too.

Good luck with your wheatgrass growing and if you've grown wheatgrass before, please leave us some tips and how your experience was!

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