Why You Should Stop Juicing

written by: Conrad K.

Juicing (not to be confused with blending) is a easy way to pack as much vegetables in your body in the fastest way possible. But it's hard work. You could get a juice everyday from your local juice bar but that'll cost extra money. You can do it yourself (which is the best method) but takes a lot of time. You have to go buy the vegetables and fruits and then you'll need to setup your machine and juice it and then clean up etc.

Not only time but the money aspect even if you do it yourself can add up. Most estimate a good juice with organic fruits and veggies can cost up to $5-$10 a day. You're looking at about $3,650 per year just for juicing!).

My juicing recipe usually consist of the following:

1 Organic Red Beet
1 Organic Apple
6 stalks of Organic Carrots

Time it takes me to do this entire process of washing, setting up, juicing, cleaning and then drinking is almost 25 minutes. That time adds up for me.

I forgot the part about even looking for organic fruits and veggies. If you're going to go this far already, you have to go organic.

That's why some people have stopped juicing completely. Most quit because they don't have the time or money. Others like I heard found a simpler way of getting the same benefits as juicing. They said it takes them less than 15 seconds a day and cost as little as over $1 a day too.

So this product that they talk about is called Organifi. It's an all natural, organic whole super-food mix that you add water to it and drink it.

This is pretty similar to some powder mix I buy for my smoothies. I get a beets powder from WholeFoods that I add to it for the benefits so to me, this is like a entire serving of juicing in a powder form.

The benefits it can provide are:

1. Saves Time - their Organifi on the GO packs (see below to see how you can get 3 packs for free)
2. Mental Clarity
3. Improves Health
4. Detoxify Your Body
5. Reduces Stress
6. Boost Immunity
7. Rejunvenate Your Skin

So here's the special deal that I got from them. You can get 3 packs of Organifi on the GO for FREE (just pay shipping).

So if you are juicing and want to stop OR if you're new to juicing and not sure if you're up for the process, then give Organifi a try. Click here to learn more.