A Unique Way To Save Money Off Your Electricity Bill

written by: Conrad K.

Everyone has heard of solar power and in my opinion, that's the way to go in the future as we use up the world's resources and electricity companies can't keep up with the demand. Prices of solar panel systems keep going down each year so it makes more sense for people to switch over to save money. Add in that electricity bills keep going up means it's time to look for ways to save money. But what if there was another way than solar panels (which despite prices dropping are still expensive) to help you lower your bills and also not be reliant on electricity companies?

What if....

  • It cost less than $108 DOLLARS to build?
  • All parts are available at your local hardware store?
  • Completely weatherproof
  • Super easy to build
  • No fumes, no radiation and no emissions
  • Generates free electricity day in and day out?

That's the what if's I learned about when I was looking around and learning about solar panels and realized that for some people there can be this other option that might make more sense and be more affordable. Ofcourse it's not for everyone...depending on where your live etc. But it's called the "Simple Off-Grid System".

The main point of this system that caught my eye was this..."Just imagine how your life will be in just two months after making the Simple Off-Grid System. Picture this....you're coming home from work and there's a bill from the electrical company and it's a negative amount. Actually the electricity company is forced to pay for YOUR electricity and you're getting small checks of $20, $30 a month!".

Really? $30 back a month? I spend like $180 a month on my electricity bill...make that $0.00 a month and then get $30 a month? That's a huge savings and bonus right?

I'm probably not doing a good job of explaining how this system works so here's a video on how it works. Click here to watch the video (will load up another page).