The Idiot’s Guide To Why You Should Buy The Vitamix

written by: Conrad K.

Sometimes you just want to know the key points on a product before buying. No time to read through lengthy articles so we've compiled a list of the best points of the Vitamix in an easy to read style..bullet points!

• Built to last
• Passed down through generations
• Smarter choice, and an even smarter investment
• 5 to 7-year full warranty
• 5 to 7-year full warranty covers parts, labor, and return shipping
• A bargain blender is not a bargain if it doesn’t last
• Less than 1 percent of the products currently under warranty in the U.S. have been returned to Vitamix for service

"I told my kids they should decide now, who will inherit the Vitamix." - Sharky, Mullica Hill, NJ

• Engineered and assembled in the U.S.A. A family-owned American company since 1921.
Vitamix is among the most coveted kitchen appliances in the world
Vitamix makes healthy food easy and delicious
• Great-Tasting Blends
• Release the flavor of whole foods

"I’ve been wanting a powerful blender and I am so happy I purchased the Vitamix. It’s so easy to whip up smoothies, soups, sauces, nut butters, and juices. I’m looking forward to trying new things (like batters and other things in the recipe book and online). I am so happy I went with the Vitamix that has manual settings and preprogrammed. It’s fun to use and easy to clean." - Ketayun, Westchester County, NY

"My kids, who are picky eaters, now regularly attack the machine to make smoothies. No more having to nag them to eat their food. They love it. Thank you. Made a big difference to our family." - The Elephant Ninja, San Diego, CA

"I loooove this blender! Spinach and broccoli never tasted so gooood." - Chase0615

• Creamy soups without the cream
• Create more precise textures
• Create a wider range of textures

"Absolutely love my Vitamix blender! I had a different brand of blender before, and it would leave a gritty texture in the smoothie. Not so with the Vitamix blender!!! I’m getting so much healthy greens that I just didn’t get before..." - Laura Johnson, Facebook Fan

"It blends anything smoothly and effortlessly and has opened up a whole world of foods for our tube fed daughter. I cannot stress enough how delighted we are with it :)" - Voejoworking, Scotland

"The Vitamix purees and pulverizes with ease. My smoothies sometimes have quinoa, chia seeds, broccoli, celery, and other hard-to-blend ingredients. The greens in my smoothies never have shreds left over, the seeds and grains are always fine. Perfect smoothies." - Anonymous, Coral, NJ

• Does the work of multiple kitchen appliances
• More than a blender
• Able to make hot soup, whipped cream, pizza dough, nut butter, sauces, sorbet and more
• Every course, every meal, every day
• Hot soups without a stove, cold sorbet without a freezer

• Easy to use
• Simple controls
• Automated program settings
• Create hundreds of recipes in a single container

"I’ve purchased two of these as gifts and one for myself over the past year. We all use ours constantly. I use mine at least once daily. It’s so easy to use and clean that I come up with all kinds of uses for it. It’s not to be compared to any regular blender. It’s in a class of its own." - Twin mom, Katy, TX

"We bought the Ninja version that they compare to the Vitamix. Within a few months, we were looking for a Vitamix. I thought the second blade in the Ninja would be better than the tamper. Boy, was I wrong. Second blade is practically useless. Ninja was a mess to work with." - grimart, Virginia

• No dis assembly required
• Self-cleaning or dishwasher safe
• Self-cleans in 60 seconds or less
• Avoid endless attachments to clean and store
• Cleans up the competition. And then it cleans itself.

"Best appliance ever! Amazing, easy to use and even easier to clean. Works great and makes eating healthy simple." - josephdp

• Nearly 2 billion smoothies purchased away from home in the U.S. were prepared by a Vitamix machine in 2014.
• Named Best In Class by Foodservice Equipment & Supplies magazine for 6 years running
• 88% of professional smoothie venues in the U.S. used a Vitamix blender in 2014

"I seriously think if I had to grab only a few things from my house in a hurry to rescue from some disaster, my Vitamix would be one of them!" - RAYNH65, New Hampshire

"The Vitamix is one of the few things I use on a daily basis, both at home and at work."- Chef Mike Friedman, The Red Hen

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