The ONE Product You Need For Your Next BBQ

written by: Conrad K.

BBQ means fun times with family and friends and if you're the host, you're usually on the hook to prepare some great food to everyone. I've BBQed from when I was young..watching my dad grill and now I'm grilling for my friends and family.

Heck...we're still using the same grill we had and it's at least 30 years old by now. It's so old that the heat setting no longer works. It's always on HIGH and my friends joke that if you can grill on this can grill anywhere.

But with all are the top 3 issues you might have when you BBQ....

1. Dirty Grill (if you're at a's even worse) but do you REALLY clean your grill after that last BBQ?
2. Food Falling Through The Cracks - how many poor innocent veggies and meat fell between your grill when you weren't lookiong?
3. Flare-Ups - BBQer's worst nightmare. It'll take that awesome steak you bought into a charred piece of blacken nothing.

So one night I was browsing around and I saw this one product that would pretty much eliminate all 3 issues for me. It's called the YOSHI GRILL and I wish I came up with this idea first! But I'm glad someone did. In a nutshell, it's a grill mat that you place on top of you BBQ.

So back to the 3 issues i've had with BBQ and how this Yoshi Grill will solve it for me....

- I admit..I don't clean my grill right after a BBQ (some may say to leave it to add character to the taste) but sometimes it's nice to not taste the old chalky flavors of old stuff on the grill. So placing this mat protects my meat and veggies from the old stuff. It's even more important if you go grill at a park. YOU KNOW for sure that nobody ever cleans those grills and sometimes they're just out in the open for months at a time with no protection. So this is a must-have if you're grilling publicly.

But it's a mat..what will happen to my grill marks? Rest assure..check out this pic here and you see the grill marks go right through the mat. No problem.

- It's a mat which eliminates those pesky grill holes where you lose your food while you BBQ. It's simple as that.

- This is most important as you can ruin a great steak easily without this mat. I'm sure you've picked out the best juicy steak. Juicy means dripping into the grill which results in flare-ups which can burn/char your meat before it's ready. So check out this picture on how the Yoshi Grill reduces the flare ups. Pretty awesome right?

BONUS FACT: You can use it for baking but I don't bake but it's there if you bake.

So if there's one product I recommend that you get for your next BBQ, it'll be the Yoshi Grill. Here's the features and benefits of it...

- 100% non stick surface
- PFOA Free
- Withstand Up To 500 Degrees
- Dishwater Safe Or Wipe Clean
- Reusable and Reversible

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