The Flashlight Bright Enough To Blind A Bear

written by: Conrad K.

Blind a bear with a flashlight! When will you ever need to do that? I mean if you're into hiking and the chance you come across a bear, I'm sure it'll be handy but why would you need this flashlight normally? We'll get to that in a bit but let's talk about something that everyone suffers from but doesn't know it most of the time. It's called the "DIM FLASHLIGHT" disorder. When I first heard of it, I was like what the...what are you talking about? What dim flashlight disorder?

Think back to that one time you needed that flashlight to work and when you turned it on, it was super weaksauce and barely bright enough. the flash on your phone was brighter than that. Now imagine having that dinky flashlight when you're going down your dark hallway and imagine it all the way to a situation like if you were on some dark road in an emergency at night. Wouldn't you want a REAL flashlight at that moment?

Ask any fireman, police offer, military serviceman, survivalist or hunter and I'm sure they'll tell you how important a flashlight is. We're talking about a real flashlight not those plastic clunky flashlights you find at Home Depot that require C or D batteries. Those are the flashlights you buy if you want to keep on buying replacement flashlights for the rest of your life. I can confirm that if you open up a drawer in the hallway and it's got probably like 7 different kind of flashlights in there that I no longer use. Why? Because it's clunky...because it sucks up battery so fast...and etc.

The truth is that everyone underestimates the importance of owning a real flashlight for your house, car or boat. It's one of those things you don't think about until you really need it. So how about taking some action today and making sure it's one thing you don't ever have to think about again?

What's the one advice that you hear over and over again? It'll all about QUALITY. Buy something once even if it's a bit pricey than usual is better than having to buy a similar inferior product over and over again. Buying a flashlight should be on the list of things you shouldn't have to worry about ever again. There are way more things to worry about than a flashlight.

So that's why I'm writing about The G700 flashlight and why you need to add one to your collection (I know you also have a few plastic flashlights in the drawer's okay..everyone does but not everyone is going to stop the cycle today!)

Here's why the G700 kicks ass.

1. Made out of nearly indestructable machined aircraft aluminum.
2. Runs on 2 AA batteries to give you 700 BLINDING LUMENS of light
3. Zoom feature that most flashlights don't have (demonstrated in the photo where the flashlight is shining on the building)
4. Strobe Mode that produces a pulsating frequency that disorients a threat within milliseconds

If you need more convincing...

One well known Navy Seal says it's the #1 Tool everyone should own as it could be a lifesaver during a natural disaster… literally!

I got one on order already because it's 75% OFF the retail price. Check out the G700 and hopefully you'll get it before the 75% discount ends.

So what's your choice going to be today?

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No...I'm just going to keep my clunky plastic flashlights. Click Here!