How To Make Your Phone Pictures Looks Professional

written by: Conrad K.

Ever wonder how people take those awesome Instagram pictures? I mean some of these photos look like they're shot by a professional photographer.  I often asked myself, "this can't be taken from a phone, can it?"  Well, it absolutely can.

It's pretty simple and here's the secret on how they do it. It's called the Lux HD450 and if you want to turn your mobile phone pictures into AWESOME eye popping below. 


So it's Monday night and I'm on the couch scrolling through random pictures on Instagram and while the majority of the pics are just normal, I kept coming across these photos that look like they were taken off a professional camera and then uploaded to Instagram. I'm thinking..."yea! I want to make my pictures look like that". Then I go..."naw...too much work to bust out that digital SLR camera and then upload the pics to the computer, etc etc".

So it's on my mind for the next few days and I just happen to see an ad for this clip on lens that says it'll take pro-like photos on your phone. I was so stoked that they made such a thing. That's crazy!

It's called the Lux HD450.

I'm going to spare you the sales pitch that I had to go through to learn more about the product so here's the quick note version of what I discovered.

What Do You Get With The Lux HD450?

3 easy to clip on lenses (works with any smartphone):

  • Macro Lens - 12x more zoom that your phone
  • Wide Angle Lens
  • Fish Eye Lens
  • And, of course, the "clip" - allows these lenses to work on any phone. You use this to clip to attach the lens to your phone and snap away.


Learn more about the Lux HD450 on their website here.

How does the power of DSLR-like photos in the palm of your own hand sound? How about enhancing your personal selfies, social networking events, pictures with longtime friends or just all out beautiful photos – all without any required modifications, permanent changes or harm to your phone?

Clip On, Clip Off!! The creators say it’s perfect for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, Tumblr and even Youtube videos!  Or really, just to enhance your personal photo collection.



743-luxhd450-productboxSo I own a DSLR camera and, truth be told, the pictures on there are still WAY BETTER than my phone (even with the Lux HD 450 lens). But the gap is much closer than before.  And these days, who's going to carry around a bulky camera when you have your phone to take pictures?  Everyone's in such a rush and sometimes you just don't want the inconvenience of carrying a big heavy camera.

So that's why I think these clip on pro-like lens are pretty awesome. The one disadvantage of taking pictures with your phone (versus a DSLR) used to be the inability to use different types of lens.  Now that problem has been solved.

As the makers of Lux HD 450 suggest, you can now take DSLR like photos on the comfort and convenience of your smart phone.


But how about when you're getting a group of friends together for a picture? You know how someone's always being cut off at the edge? With the Lux HD 450, use the wide angle lens and BAM!...everyone's in the picture!

OR if you're taking a selfie..and you can't fit everyone in or you want to see more of the background? Problem solved! 🙂

How about when you're out in nature and want to take close-ups of a flower or something? Every try the zoom feature on your phone? Tapping the screen to get it to zoom? Macro lens clips to your phone and you'll get that picture you want.

You know what I'm saying at this point right? You won't be using it all the time but when the situation comes up, you'll totally be happy that you have these option.

Forgot one more thing to mention. Using the lens, I found that the picture quality came out better than normal. Here's an example of a before and after shot. No more fiddling around with settings. Just snap on the lens and snap a picture. They call it a "ultra multi-coat" which works well for low-light pictures (cause we all hate it when pictures come out blurry in low light)



Why Do I Recommend The LuxHD450?

So like I mentioned earlier, I like that the clip is universal so it can fit onto any type of mobile device like Samsung or iPhones, or tablets too. So even if I change my phone in the future I can still use it.

They said it's also dustproof, waterproof (great for anyone with water proof phones!) and portable (small size of course) and very durable. Comes with a cleaning cloth and it's designed in the USA. I found it pretty easy to just toss in my bag or my cargo short pockets (what? I love cargo shorts!)

Now there are other types of lens out there which I took a look at but I felt they all kinda did the same thing and the Lux HD450 was a better deal overall in terms of pricing. Some where cheaper but the quality just seemed a little bit suspect. And ofcourse there was ones that were even more expensive but I don't think they do that much more than the Lux HD450 so that's why I think this one you can get the most bang for your buck. Plus the 30 day return policy helps because it lets you try it out to see if you really like it.


743-luxhd450-priceHow Much Does Lux HD450 Cost?

I almost forgot another important part of this article. How much is this going to cost?! I was able to work with Lux HD450 and they gave me a link to share with my readers. (Disclaimer: I do receive some compensation if you buy but it doesn't affect you guys so help me out!) .

They were super generous and gave me a 75% off link to use. So instead of $116 dollars for it, you can get it for $56 dollars. Huge savings for sure. If you're looking for birthday, or christmas gifts, there's also a special bonus. Buy 3 sets and get 2 sets for free (that comes out to only $29/set).

Remember, you need to use this link or else that 75% off will not apply. Try it...go to their website and you'll see what I mean. So why pay full price $116 when you can get it for 75% off.