Know Where Your Kids Are At All Times

written by: Conrad K.

487-pocketfinderWhy You Should Consider a GPS Tracker for Your Child
Arguably the biggest worry for parents is keeping track of their children. Unfortunately, when they reach elementary school age they are not always under constant supervision and can get lost as they go out on their own. Until recently, there was little that parents could do in terms of keeping track of their child under such circumstance. However, thanks to GPS monitoring it is now possible to know the location of your child at any moment.

What is a GPS Tracker?
Using satellite technology, the GPS tracker is placed with the child that reports their location at all times. GPS trackers are used in many situations, most notably with people who go out into large parks or open areas so that if they do not return their location can be instantly tracked. A signal from the GPS device is sent upwards to a satellite which is then sent down to a computer, smartphone, or other computing device that indicates the location of the tracker.

The good news is that GPS trackers are very small and can easily be carried around in pants pockets, on a necklace, or other location. When it comes to tracking children, the same basic principles apply. The tracker is placed with the child so that their location is constantly known in case they become lost or not reach home.

The advantages that using a GPS tracker offers are considerable, particularly for children too young to carry smartphones or cell phones.
- Accurate
- Inexpensive
- Easy to Use

This means that you can instantly locate your child through means that are inexpensive and quite efficient. Around the world people are using GPS devices mostly for outdoor or survival use. Today, there is a GPS device that is designed specifically for being placed with children when they are heading to or from school, going to a caregiver’s home, or attending an after-school activity.

The PocketFinder GPS Child Tracker
The PocketFinder is a GPS device that allows parents to find the location of their kids on their mobile devices using Google Maps. Parents can not only see where their child is at any time, but also create alerts when the child arrives or departs from any number of customized locations that you create such as school, after-school activity areas, guardian’s house, and more.

Essentially, the GPS signal is captured by multiple satellites and sent down to a cellular network. In the case of the PocketFinder GPS Tracker for example, the signal is encrypted so that no one but the parent can see where their child is through this device. The parent can log on using their mobile device or computer and see where their child is and alerts are sent out via text, e-mail or push notification if they enter or leave a pre-customized zone.
If you want more peace of mind when it comes to knowing the whereabouts of your child, then getting a GPS device like the PocketFinder can be a real blessing in instantly locating your children.

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