The One WordPress Plugin That You Didn’t Know You Need

written by: Conrad K.

Hey there WordPress user. I'm sure one of the first things you did was pick a theme. Then you started to add some cool plugins to get your website up and running. If you're like most users, you're more focused on creating some great content and during that time, some awesome plugins got released that you didn't know about or know that you need. I'm sure you're more attracted to those fancier plugins that make your website looking good but there's one plugin that you probably didn't think you need but you definitely need if you want to maximize the reach of your website.

So what is it? It's called Gravity Forms and I'm about to tell you why you need it for your website!

But wait..there are tons of other form plugins out there so why do I need this one? be honest..if you're looking for a contact form where someone can just send you a message, then this isn't for you. (however Gravity Forms can do that also). Now...if you're really looking to get some quality information from your visitors then this is the one plugin you'll need.

Some features of Gravity Forms for those who think I write too much stuff...

Easy To Use, Powerful Forms
you can quickly design forms with their intuitive visual form editor

30+ Ready To Use Forms
not sure which design works best? Then pick from these 30+ ready to use forms to get started

Conditional Logic
this is like smart forms. show or hide fields based on what your users select to give them a customized experience.

Many Other Cool Features
- get email notifications or use email auto-responders
- file upload features
- save and continue - allow users to save a partially completed form

Using Gravity Form doesn't require a lot of expertise. Their easy to use interface makes creating the form that you need super easy and quick. No weird coding or limiting form just select the fields that you want and configure the options and embed onto your website. What makes Gravity Forms powerful is that you can integrate it with several popular web applications and online services. Below is a quick list of companies that work with Gravity Forms.

BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! Once you get familiar with the interface and how it works, you'll also find even more customization with their super cool add-ons. You're like..naw..I'm good with all the neat features of Gravity Form but wait till you see what these adds-ons can do. Want to to surveys, quizzes, polls or video recordings? These are the add-ons you'll get.'s not free but if free is what you're looking for..then this isn't the droid..i mean this isn't the plugin you're looking for. Gravity Forms comes in 3 different plans that you can pick to fit your need.

Just realized I forgot even more features (how much more can they really add?!) But these are cool ones that you should also know about.

Limit & Schedule Forms
Limit the number of entries a form can receive or schedule certain forms to work throughout the day

WordPress Post Creation
Users can help you generate some content using Gravity Forms

Fight Spam
Uses Google reCaptcha, Really Simple Captcha and Akismet options to fight the spam

Responsive Design
Desktop, mobile..everyone's using different sizes to view your website. Gravity Forms are responsive so you can make sure they look good.