The Best Wireless Camera For Home Security

written by: Conrad K.

The best thing to protect your house is an alarm. But if you don't have an alarm, the next best thing besides a large guard dog is to install an IP camera at your house. What's an IP camera? It's a simple stand-alone camera that you put in your house (it's wireless! no need to run wires. Just plug it in) and you can set it to get email updates when there is movement or loud sounds at your house when you are away.

There are MANY different types of these cameras. Some are just straight out junk. So we're going to show you what WE think are the best choice for cameras for you to pick from.

NESTCAM (used to be known as the DropCam HD PRO)
The Nestcam replaces the DropCam as their flagship camera. Featuring a slimmer design, the NestCam continues what the Dropcam does and more with better integration and features. Setup is easy and can be done within minutes. The NestCam also features Cloud Recording (which we highly recommend but there is a monthly fee so that might be a negative for some people). If you're using this only to check up on your pets, then the cloud recording might not be needed. But if you're using it to monitor your home, then it's a must.

- Easy To Setup
- Wide View Angle
- Clean Looking Design
- Great quality
- Great Customer Support
- Easy Integration with Other Nest Products (such as the Nest Thermometer etc)
- Cloud Recording

- Price
- Monthly Subscription For Recording Access
- Does Not Rotate

The Foscam C1 is the newest member to the Foscam family. It's similar to the Nestcam in some features as it's a fixed camera (meaning you can't turn it left/right and up/down). What makes it a compelling choice is that it's almost 3 times cheaper than the NestCam ($200 vs $69). It has a slightly narrower view than the NestCam.

Foscam camera setup while in the past have been a bit challenging, has improved throughout the years. You may still need to know your way around your router in order to properly view your camera while you are away. There are many instructions online nowadays that are easy to follow.

Once you have it setup, there are many apps that will be usable with the Foscam. The one we like to use with it is called Surveillance Pro. It's a paid app but the clean user interface and ease of use makes it worthwhile.

- Great Value For Price
- High Quality Camera
- Slimmer Design

- Less wide angle view than the NestCam but minimal
- Harder to Setup Than The NestCam
- Does Not Rotate
- No Cloud Recording

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This Foscam main feature is that you can rotate it left/right and up/down. Great for those who want to look at different directions with their cameras. The shape/design is a bit lacking as it's pretty obvious that it's a camera and most definitely not as slim as the C1 or NestCam.

This model features a SD Card slot. Which means you can record onto the card and view the history. How much you can view will depend on the quality you are saving and the size of the memory card. There is a limit on the size of the SD card.

Viewing the footage requires access to a computer. At this time, we weren't able to find a way to view it on your mobile phone. The interface while usable still takes a little bit of time before you are familiar with it.

- Rotates Left/Right and Up/Down
- Cheap Price Makes It A Great Choice

- Bulkier Design Than NestCam or the C1
- Setup for Foscam Is Not Easy For Newbies

Video Camera IP for Interior FOSCAM FI9821P White 720P HD P2P Video Surveillance Video Camera IP for Interior FOSCAM FI9821P White 720P HD P2P Video Surveillance
Time Remaining: 5d 11h
Buy It Now for only: $1,374.06

Got one that you'd recommend? Leave a comment below and share what you think! Thanks!