What To Do Before You Lose Your Pictures

written by: Conrad K.

Wedding Photos"We had a devastating fire that totally demolished our house. I tell all my friends, 'You really need to make sure that your data is backed up.' I can’t imagine not having all of those picture and files......"

Most of everything we do is online. That big project at work or those wedding pictures you just took. It's all online on your phone or computers. 99% of the time you're going to be okay but what if that 1% hits and you lose that big project at work? How about those wedding pictures you just took. They'll never be recovered if you don't do the following now!


If you already are backing up your files, great! Keep up the good work! And for those who haven't...don't worry. There are many options out there for you to pick from. Best of all, they do all the hard work already for you! You'll just need to install their app or software on your phone and computer and they'll take care of the rest.

Here are some choices for you to look more into and pick the right one!

MYPCBACKUP - Online of the leading companies that make online backup simple is MyPCBackup. Everything once you sign up is automated which makes them easy to use. Click Here To Learn More

MOZY - Why Mozy? Secure backup, easy to use and automated backup makes them a great choice for those looking for an easy way to backup their files. Click Here To Learn More

CARBONITE - Their slogan is “Set it, Forget it. And Relax”. And it's exactly like that. Just install and it starts to automatically backup your files. Click Here To Learn More

CRASHPLAN - For more advance users, don't just backup to the cloud. Crashplan lets you backup to another location as an additional backup. It's like a backup on top of a backup. Click Here To Learn More

ZIPCLOUD - Zipcloud is another easy to use software that you should try out. Try them out for 14 days free! Click Here To Learn More

"In the middle a cross-country move, a wheel bearing on our trailer caught fire and destroyed everything we owned. I lost my computer and my backups. I will never store my backups and my computer in the same place again."

Personal Tip: So this is how I personally do this. You don't have to follow it and it's maybe not the best method for you but it works for me and maybe it'll work for you.

1. I'm on a PC (sorry mac users) so the main files I'd backup on the main drive is the /document folder. Most likely you have Microsoft Office installed and that'll be where all your Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc files would go.
2. All my personal files I store on an external hard drive. Partly because 10 years ago, space was limited and the more crowded your hard drive was, the slower it ran so since then I've always put all my personal files (pictures etc) on an external hard drive. The 2nd reason why I do this is because sometimes I'm on the go and ofcourse can't bring my desktop with me, so I'll just unplug the external HD and take it with me. 3rd reason which is a bit of a moot point now is that if there was an emergency (fire, earthquake or anything where I'd need to leave the house asap), i could easily just unplug the external HD and take it with me.

So how do you currently back up your files?